Birds Eye Holdings is a private equity firm located in Wichita, Kansas.
About Us

Birds Eye Holdings, LLC (BEH) is a privately held investment firm specializing in real estate and private equity investments. BEH acquires, develops and manages a broad range of long-term, income producing properties across the country. BEH also engages in private equity transactions through minority equity investments, subordinated debt and mezzanine financing.


The Voegeli family founded Exacta Aerospace, Inc. in Wichita, KS in 1978. After 35 years of strategic growth, the company was positioned as a best-in-class aerostructures supplier for numerous OEMs.  After selling the company to a Fortune 500 industry leader, the Voegeli family founded BEH in 2013.

BEH is focused on long-term value creation through strategic investments. BEH’s management team has decades of experience in diverse investment categories and can provide vast strategic resources to portfolio companies.


To become a leading privately held investment firm with a diverse portfolio of real estate and private equity investments.


To create value for our shareholders and other stakeholders through strategic investments that outperform market returns on a consistent and long-term basis.